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Gridania Storyline - Historical

Applied By Fuzz: Nov 25, 2013 at 1:31 AM

Gridania Storyline
Upon approaching Gridania, the player starts hearing a singing voice. Before being in a position to find its source, the skies turn black and a meteor shower turns back on track like nothing happened and everything begins, lasting just a couple seconds. Moments after, a heavily damaged airship flies, and a tiny yellow light is 'shot' from it, falling in the forest.

Walking because direction, the player sees Papalymo and Yda sleeping on the floor, and awakens them, only to notice they are surrounded by wolves. The battle against them ends easily, but a treant emerges from the ground and attacks everyone, forcing the player to operate until several Moogles, sent by E-Sumi-Yan, calms the treant and saves them.

Remembering about the message to Fye, the player searches for the girl and finds her chatting with Khrimm and overhear talk of Fye's oldest brother Dunstan and his tragic fate of being turned into a wildling. Fye claims that she is making a new mask for her brother, refusing to stop hope of cleansing him of his woodsin.

After this, the gamer tells Fye the mask is not broken, and she's shocked by it, having thought it to function as the only cause her brother and Khrimm's parents were became wildlings. Then, she asks the person to use ending up in the moogles again and ask if there is any way to save a wildling. Upon locating a moogle, he wants to ask the elementals themselves in case a soul could be saved.

Finally, the grand rite begins, and a small grouping of moogles appear. They come bearing a message to the player from the elementals, telling that his/her role in being beckoned to the wood is to be a messenger of the goddess Nophica herself, the Matron. The practice continues as normal, and in the end Dunstan breaks. This causes the Echo to reverberate, and the sky once again change fully black - this time, everybody sees it.

There, they discover Khrimm, standing before a tree in flames. Due to this, a furious essential comes forth and there's no solution to quell its greenwrath other than fighting and defeating it.

Miounne in-forms via linkpearl that this indicates that from fear that Khrimm can be a wildling, he's been taken in to the Stillglade Fane. Brother E-Sumi-Yan orders a grand rite of purification, because of that, but he fears that saving Khrimm might need Dunstan to offer his life.

Back in the adventurer's guild, Miounne comments regarding the new influx of adventurers in Gridania. Immediately after, the self-proclaimed 'saviors of the wood', Yda and Papalymo, happens and the ask if some of those adventurers could be preparing to attack the Garlean Empire, to Miounne's shock, who later denies it. Papalymo then mentions that if that is true, the data they have - that Gridania is preparing to wage war on the Empire - is false.

The conversation is stopped when a child Khrimm is available in and begins bad-mouthing the adventurers, claiming they have not been opted for from the elementals at all, leaving immediately after. The duo goes after him.

Accepted into town, the player learns about the Greenwrath - hatred of the forest upon those who could cause harm to it - and he (becoming an outsider) is packed with woodsin, which needs to be removed if he/she intends to keep safe on the Black Shroud. Miounne suggests that the player visits a few of the town's guilds, each one of these who will provide their own help to the cleansing ritual.

In the Botanists' Guild at Greatloam Growery, several of the town's young kids begins training steps of the ritual dances that really must be performed within a great Gridanian celebration to free oneself of the woodsin. After the 'school', some of them stay and asks help reach a place deep inside the woods.

Upon arriving at Lifemend Stump with Sansa and Powle, they promptly run off to see to whatever it is they came to accomplish. Then, a conjurer looks, who admonishes the player for taking the kids and coming there, disappearing soon after. Finally, the player meets a moogle, who gets surprised that he is being recognized and asks the player to provide a message to a new girl named Fye concerning a purification mask that is maybe not broken, and consequently can not be set.