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New Profile Posts

  1. Matthew Hall
    Matthew Hall Devon Towers
    Hi Devon are you alright this is Matt
  2. Druzwyf
    Working on new mechanist
  3. ZanarkandBabe
    Is you mad or naww?
  4. Nuriko Chou
    Nuriko Chou
    The Heart of the Party
  5. Murda
    Murda Louhi
    Not sure if I have the right person or not you're Fayee from XI right..?
  6. Empathy Star
    Empathy Star
    Playing FFXIV - Gilgamesh Server
  7. joey the man
    joey the man Andromeda
    your avatars cool
  8. joey the man
    joey the man
    i be back around the time i wake up
  9. Fuzz
    Fuzz Andromeda
    What up Andro! I see you have been buys - great work!
  10. Fuzz
    Excited with the launch of the new site ^^