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Three ways to make ffxiv gil

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sarahbulaiman, Feb 17, 2014.

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    Most ffxiv player often said: How to make ffxiv gil quickly. I would like to say: you would find way if u try your best to do it. No matter you find way by yourself or your frineds or player, you will be find it. Here, share my experience with u. Hope you also can share your experience with everyone. Waiting for you.

    First, Gathering
    You can easily fish or mine minerals and sell the materials that you gather to people who are going to use them. You'd basically be a botanist or a fisherman, or a miner, and will get all the materials and sell them to those people who are crafting. They are hoping that they can sell their crafted items for more than they bought the materials from you, so everybody is happy. You're happy because you sold your materials and made ffxiv gil, they're happy because they made a profit, and the third party is happy because they got whatever they wanted.

    Second, Questing
    There are a ton of quests in Final Fantasy that you can do which will give you ffxiv gil. Normally, throughout the regular progression of the game, you don't run out of ffxiv gil and you make enough as you go. You never have to stop what you're doing and "farm" Gil because it's built into the game that you will have enough and get enough. A great way to progressively and passively build Gil would be to always keep anything that may be of value and try to sell it or barter it for something better.

    Third, Crafting
    You can buy materials, or get them from another class, and make them into useful items that people will buy. You would be a Disciple of the Hand, and you'd be a Blacksmith, Weaver, or Alchemist. With materials you're able to make things that are better - and you'll be leveling up while you do it too. For the most part, though, the materials cost less than what you sell it for, which means you'll make a profit. You can read more information by visit:ffxivingil.com
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