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Complete FATES Guide and List

List of every FATE in Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn

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    Fully Active Time Event (FATES) are events that randomly pop-up in different zones that players can join together for experience points, Gil, and Grand Company seals. After completing the main story line and other side quests, you may find that FATES are one of the quickest and most efficient way to level your other jobs/classes. FATES vary by difficulty and are usually grouped up by levels in specified areas. The FATES are usually leveled the same as the story quest line if you are going through it, so if you begin to do quests around level 35, you may find appropriate FATES in Coerthas. To get the most out of FATES you need to be within a 6 level range to get a good contribution score, otherwise you can also 'Level Sync' and earn a substantial amount of experience and Grand Company seals.

    FATES Last for 15 minutes (I've seen a few go for 60 minutes) and usually respawn every 20-25 minutes, however, this time varies depending on how many active players are in the zone. The more players in the area - the quicker the FATES will respawn. The level of the FATE appears to make a difference on the frequency, as well. I do not know the official algorithm that Square Enix uses to determine when and where FATES should spawn, but it seems to be pretty good thus far.

    Remember that you do NOT need to attend the entire FATE to get credit, however, it is advised to at least kill a few mobs to get a silver or gold badge for higher experience points. In some of the heavy traffic FATE areas with a lot of players grinding; Try to be quick and have your map up at all times. f you are a caster with long cast times, try to put DoTs (Damage of Time) spells on as many enemies as possible. It is advised to join a FATE party! You will gain more experience for less work basically and can also earn bonuses, share everyone's experience points, use limit breaks, and it much easier to obtain the Gold medal. It is fairly easy to join a FATE group; just shout out in the zone you are in, example: "/sh BLM (30) LF FATE Party".

    Knowing exactly where to go for FATES is the real secret to quickly level grind. Each zone has different fates, active at different times. Below is a table showing the level of FATES and what aetheryte to use to teleport their quickly! You may find yourself teleporting from zone to zone if you know the FATES to be looking for. Try to keep record of the last time it spawned so you have a general idea of when to come back to that area.

    General areas to visit at given level ranges.

    • 1-14: Summerford Farms (Middle La Noscea)
    • 14-19: Camp Drybone (Upper La Noscea)
    • 19-22: Quarrymill (South Shroud)
    • 22-25: Camp Tranquil (South Shroud)
    • 25-30: Fallgourd Float (North Shroud)
    • 30-35: Wineport (Eastern La Noscea)
    • 35-40: Dragonhead (Coerthas Central Highlands)
    • 40-43: Camp Drybone (Eastern Thanalan)
    • 44-46: Revenant's Toll (Mor Dhona)
    • 46-50: Ceruleum Processing Plant (Northern Thanalan)

    Fates are sorted by Level, however, there are maps below that may help show you where FATES are, as well. You can view a list sorted by Zone here....
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