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Levequests and Levemete Locations

General information and tips on Levequests and where to find Levemetes

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    Levequests are repeatable quests you can use your 'Leve Allowance' for to obtain experience points, gil, grand company seals, and other rewards. There are several types of levequests, including:
    • Guildleves
    • Battlecraft Leves
    • Tradecraft Leves
    • Fieldcraft Leves
    • Grand Company Leves

    Levequests are a great way to quickly level a tough crafting or gathering class. They are also a great source to earn Grand Company Seals to quickly get promoted in rank.

    Players have an 'Allowance' of up to 99 points and it takes 1 point to do a levequest, so be sure to spend your points wisely! You gain 3 Leve Allowances every 12 hours. You can have a maximum of 30 concurrent levequests going in your quest log. To begin a Levequest, open your quest journal, select the quest and click the 'Initiate' button. Be sure to be close to the highlighted red circle on your map before you initiate.

    You have the option to adjust the difficulty of the quest before you begin from +1 to +4. The harder you make the quest the more experience and gil you will receive, however, keep in mind that you may finish the quest more slowly, taking out the 'speed bonus'. If you do manage to complete the quest at a higher difficulty, you will receive a 'difficulty bonus'.

    As stated above, I recommend using levequests for crafting or gathering, mainly because they are a tough grind compared to other classes. For crafting alone, some levequests that you craft HQ items (200xp bonus) for can award huge amounts of experience points.

    All level 1 and 5 Levequests will be available after you unlock the Levequest system, however, once you reach level 10, you must unlock leves by finishing a 'test' quest for each levemate. Once you 'prove' yourself, you will unlock a new hub for leves. You must have finished your level 10 class quest in order to unlock leves for the class you are leveling. Each of the 3 starting cities have their own local levemetes who grant Tradescraft levequests.

    Quick Note
    I recommend saving your allowed levequests for crafting in particular; it seems to be the longer grind compared to the other jobs. At level 20, you can begin 'repeatable tradecraft leves' (Charity) on several of the available quests, however you can only repeat these quests up to 3x. Another important reminder is that turning in high quality items gives 200% XP and gil, so try to aim for levequests that are a little lower than your current level, just so you have a higher chance to create HQ items.

    Full list of leves below. Grand Company levemates are highlighted. Click here to download a PDF version of the list (Thanks to Razli for making!).


    Level Region Zone/Coordinates Aetheryte Levemate
    1 01 The Black Shroud Central Shroud (23,19) Bentbranch Meadows Muriaule
    2 01 La Noscea Lower La Noscea (31,20) Red Rooster Stead Wyrkholsk
    3 01 Thanalan Western Thanalan (26,24) Scorpion Crossing Graceful Song.
    4 05 The Black Shroud Central Shroud (23,19) Bentbranch Meadows Muriaule
    5 05 La Noscea Lower...
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