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Portable RPG: Anyone checking out Bravely default?

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Al Parker, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Al Parker

    Al Parker Squire

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    Downloaded the demo on 3DS the other day and I'm quite enjoying it.

    The brave/default battle mechanic is pretty unique and the concept of leveling up your shops is intriguing. Looks like a strong job system is present too. It has the FF feel to it too, so I'm looking forward to what comes of this.

    Anyone else checked it out?

  2. Fuzz

    Fuzz Eye in the Sky Jaime Lannister (Ultros) Staff Member

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    Yes! I preordered it a while ago and can't wait to play it. I didn't even need to play the demo, haha. The game looks awesome. It definitely has a FF feel to it and is from SE, so that's enough for me to play. I also love playing RPGs on my 3DS whenever I can, so looking forward to having a new one to play.

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