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Haukke Manor (Hard Mode)

A guide of the hard mode version of Haukke Manor.

  1. Andromeda
    The new Haukke Manor (Hard Mode) dungeon sees numerous changes from the previous lv26 story mode version. Most notably, this is a lv50 dungeon as part of the road to end game.
    Haukke01.png Haukke02.png Haukke03.png
    Item Level 48
    4 Players
    Complete Maniac Manor Quest (Unlocks the Hard Mode version)
    1st Objection: Clear the White Hall
    The start of the dungeon is the same as the previous with the party at entry hall to the first floor and stairwell. Unlike previous, the first floor is blocked. The only route is up the stairs and to the right. The layout of the dungeon is very straightforward with no real forks and only one optional room.
    The players will first see a Manor Claviger transform a Twin Adder soldier into a Altered Wailer. The Altered Wailer will be the first enemy to face, as the Manor Claviger will flee. This setups the standard mechanic you will see through the entire second floor. The Altered Wailer is the standard demon, nothing too nasty.

    The first group of monsters will be found in the only open room on the left. Inside, there will be a Manor Claviger along with two Man Acrobat and another Twin Adder soldier. However, different from before this soldier can be saved if the party kills the Claviger fast enough and the party will not have to fight 4 monsters, but only 3. The Manor Claviger will start casting Demonize after about five seconds of being attacked. Once all of the enemies are killed, the soldier will flee back to the ground floor.
    The Manor Claviger will drop a tiny key, which is necessary to progress. All the rooms have locked doors and will require these groups to be killed to progress. Each locked room will have the same set of 3 monsters plus a soldier.

    Once out of the rooms and back into the hallway, there will be a Manor Warden patrolling the hallway along with three Manor Acrobats. The Acrobats can be pulled separate from the Warden. The Warden's portal path is most of the length of the hallway up to the corner. To keep things simple it is best to pull the Warden first and then deal with the Acrobats second. The only thing of concern is the Wardens have a powerful front cone AoE.
    The last group of monsters before the first boss will be two Manor Sentries, that act like the ones from Amdapor Keep, they look like statues until approached. The big attack to note for them is they have a long line AoE.

    At the very end of the hallway is a chest with a restorative item.
    The first boss for Haukke Manor (Hard Mode) is the Manor Jester, which is initially accompanied by two Manor Butlers. The butlers are simple adds with very low HP. Kill the butlers first and as new ones spawn kill them immediately. There is a related boss mechanic that they function with.
    The Manor Jester is a heavy magic using casting Void Blizzard and Void Blizzard III as his primary attacks. Additionally, throughout the fight he will use a AoE called Ice Fall...
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  1. Raymond E
    Raymond E
    Detailed Descriptions, with alternate options and their resolutions. Great Pictures so you know where in the dungeon is being talked about.