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Forum Startup Guide (Earn Gil, Achievements and even $$$)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Fuzz, Aug 19, 2020.

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    Hey guys, as the site is being reworked - I am cleaning a lot of things up. I will be updating this very page with basic forum information and how things work on the site. Please continue to check back as I will try to update this page as frequently as possible!


    Experience points is simply your post count, nothing more and nothing less. Like any Final Fantasy game, as you get more experience points you will gain levels and advance in rank. Keep in mind that you can't just go on a posting spree to gain levels, only posts with 'substance' will be counted towards your experience. There are some forums that will not award experience points - which will be listed here shortly:


    Gil is distributed as means to help encourage meaningful contributions to the site and community. Gil is earned several different ways (listed below) and awarded to members who by posting new threads, guides (resources), and much more. Right now, there actually isn't a store or way to spend the gil, but we will either add one in the future - OR - you can cash out gil! 100 Gil = $0.50 (USD)

    What are some things you can expect to buy you ask? Anything from custom forum/profile enhancements to actual physical copies of Final Fantasy games, toys, and other merchandise!

    New Thread => 30 Gil
    New Post => 5 Gil
    Attachment => 25 Gil
    Download of Your Attachments/Resource => 10 Gil
    Liked Post => 3 Gil
    Post a Resource* => 500 Gil
    Post an advanced Resource* => 1000+ Gil

    More ways to earn Gil are on the way!

    * Guide must be approved by staff and have substantial content. Bonus gil can and will be awarded for more detailed and lengthier guides.


    Most of the Achievements are for getting experience points, however, they can be earned by receiving "Likes" and more!

    First Message - 5 Points
    Post a message anywhere in the forums

    Somebody Likes You! - 25 Points
    Somebody out there liked one of your messages.

    Level 2 - 20 Points
    20 messages posted

    Level 3 - 30 Points
    30 messages posted

    Level 4 - 40 Points
    42 messages posted

    You can read the full list of achievements here.


    Ranks are based on Achievement Points. The best way to gain ranks is to post to earn Experience points, as the 'Level' achievements award the most achievement points. These names are totally up for discussion!

    • Squire
    • Loyal Servant
    • Lord
    • Knight
    • Baron
    • Viscount
    • Duke
    • Jedi Knight
    • Arch Prince
    • Holy Paladin
    • Vanadium Knight
    • Cobalt Warrior
    • Necromancer
    • Calculator
    • Tamed Ruler
    • King Slayer
    • Dark Emperor
    • 7th Son of 7th Son
    • Esper
    • Lord of Ancients
    • Sun Guardian
    • Galaxian King
    • Colossal Realm Ruler

    More to come....
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