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Marauder/Warrior Class Guide

General overview of the MRD and WAR classes in FFXIV

  1. Fuzz

    Marauders (MRD) are the other primary tanking class alongside GLD and PLD. They are focus more on taking straight damage and dealing damage to build enmity. As Marauders don't have much actions that help them mitigate damage besides parrying, they have a higher HP pool to draw from and several abilities that let them replenish their HP pool by themselves. Marauders deal more damage than Gladiators, so they are the prefered choice for encounters with high DPS requirements.

    Leveling a MRD to 30 and a GLD to 15 will unlock the main job for Marauders called Warrior (WAR). Warriors utilize most of what the Marauder has done up to this point, though they have a new ability that help raise their 'Wrath' against enemies. Wrath will help Warriors build a larger HP pool, but will cost them a loss of their damage abilities, however, once enough Wrath is obtained the Warrior's critical hit rating increases to make up for this damage loss.

    Icon Level Action Description Cost Duration Cooldown
    1 [​IMG] 1 Fast Blade An instant attack with a potency of 150. 70 TP --- 2.5s
    2 [​IMG] 2 Foresight Increases Defense by 20% (Defensive Cooldown). 0 --- 2m
    3 [​IMG] 4 Skull Sunder An instant attack with a potency of 100 and increases enmity. Combos with 'Heavy Swing' for potency of 200. 60 TP --- 2.5s
    4 [​IMG] 6 Fracture An instant attack with a potency of 100 and increases enmity. Applies Damage over Time (DoT) with potency of 20. 80 TP 18s 2.5s
    5 [​IMG] 8 Bloodbath Converts 25% of the damage dealt by next successful offensive ability into HP. Applies to all offensive abilities used while active, not just one. 0 15s 1.5m
    6 [​IMG] 10 Brutal Swing An instant attack with a potency of 50 and applies a stun for 3 seconds. 0 3s 30s
    7 [​IMG] 12 Overpower An instant attack to all enemies in a frontal cone with a potency of 120. 130 TP --- 2.5s
    8 [​IMG] 15 Tomahawk An instant attack with a potency of 130 and increases enmity. 130 TP --- 2.5s
    9 [​IMG] 18 Maim An instant attack with a potency of 100. Combos with 'Heavy Swing' for potency of 190 and increases damage dealt by 20% for 12 seconds. 60 TP 12s 2.5s
    10 [​IMG] 22 Berserk Increases attack power by 50%. Unable to use weaponskills for 5 seconds after effect fades. (Offensive...
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