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Class system over-flexibility

Discussion in 'Ideas, Feedback, and Suggestions' started by Algernonymous, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Algernonymous

    Algernonymous Squire Balduin Fitzroy (Balmung)

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    Hey peeps, this is my first-ever post in any forum ever like ever ever, so at least consider cutting me a break on any grief no matter what feelings my post produces in your heart.

    I actually really love that a single character can try--and even max--out every class, but I think developers could strike a little better balance with engendering slightly more meaningful player-attachment to their preferred classes by preventing the player from changing class willy-nilly on the go by say, requiring him/her to travel to a Soldiers Office (I like he idea of heartening back to FF Tactics with this) to change classes. There could even be a small fee or countdown timer; maybe you've got ideas for similar mechanics.

    Again, I like the flexibility, I'd just like the choice to feel a little more meaningful and add a little more plausibility (needing to return an office to get outfitted differently for a different class and/or cleaning your decision with governing in-game guild since they seem keen on on regulating so much else having to do with adventuring). Sid Meier says a game is a series of meaningful, interesting choices, and I think he's spot on. When it comes to class choices, FFXIV has already made sure the latter is true, I'd just like to see some of the former, too.
  2. Al Parker

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    I hear you, but in general, I think the freedom to change class willy-nilly, doesn't require it. If your new to it and want to switch around all over the place, they probably want you to be able to. If you're a vet who wants to build a super powerful character you can reasonably play solo with, they probably want you to be able to, and if you want to stick to a single class (or small number of classes) and have a well balanced party you fit in with then you can do that too.

    Tricky in the context of an MMO to have too many people running around with completely differing philosophies underlying their character and their classes, but I think its refined enough to make what you want of it.

    All that said, I am by no means an expert on design, so while I don't think raising a class switching barrier is necessary, I also could find a reasonable time fine. Or, maybe you can switch without a timer, but it takes a certain period of time before you're operating at 100% within that class (like readjusting to a job you haven't done in a while.

    Interesting line of thought anyway :) Cheers!

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