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Botanist Levequest Guide

General information, levequests, and more on the BTN class in FFXIV

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    Botanists Levequests
    Botanists are the tree/plant loving gatherers in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. They are also only one of three of the gathering classes available in the game, with the other two being Fishing and Mining. There is almost always a high demand for crafting material on the market boards, so leveling a Botantist can make you quite a bit of money, not to mention it can really SAVE you a lot of money, especially if you plan on leveling a Weaver or Carpenter.

    To become a botanist, talk to the botanist guild receptionist when you're level 10 or higher on another class. The guild is located in Gridania. If you plan on quickly leving a Botanists it is always recommended to do 'Fieldcraft Levequests' as they reward a solid amount of experience points, and can alleviate a rather lengthy grind.

    New levequests become available to Disciples of Hand every 5 levels in various locations in Eorzea. Every starting city will unlock levequests as they become available, as well. Below is a list of levels and locations to be looking for as you craft.

    An important reminder is that some fieldleve quests (Piety) evaluate the % of HQ items you were able to collect, so try to use some of your abilities that increase HQ return rate, such as 'Leaf Turn' or 'Brunt Force'. Finishing a quest with a high amount of HQ material can reward a substantial amount of bonus experience! Your evaluation is based on the exp you would get for gathering the items. Hence, if doing lower leves at higher levels it can be difficult to get enough for a bonus.

    Leve Types:
    • Piety - These leves require you to deplete a certain number of nodes, each of which have two items unique to the leve. Depending on your evaluated rating you may be awarded bonus points.
    • Munificence - These leves require you to gather a set amount of material. The leve ends once the quota is met.
    • Candor - These leves are a mix between Piety and Munificence leves. There is a limited number of gathering points to reach the requested quota, and once all of them are depleted it ends the leve.
    • Benevolence - The leves requires you to gather as much material as possible before all nodes are depleted.

    Levequests that can reward bonus exp. on evaluation are highlighted.

    Botanist Levequest Locations

    Level Region Zone/Coordinates Hub Quests Type
    1 1 The Black Shroud Gridania The Bannock (23,19) East Bank Story Piety
    2 1 The Black Shroud Gridania The Bannock (23,19) We Couldn't Start the Fire Munificence
    3 1 The Black Shroud Gridania The Bannock (23,19) Lovely Latex Munificence
    4 1 The Black Shroud Gridania The Bannock (23,19) Waking Wood Piety
    5 5 The Black Shroud Gridania The Bannock (23,19) Evil Seeds Munificence
    6 5 The Black Shroud Gridania The Bannock (23,19) No Bark, All Bite Candor
    7 5 The Black Shroud Gridania The Bannock (23,19) Let the Sun Shine In Piety
    8 5 The Black Shroud Gridania The Bannock (23,19) If a Tree Falls Piety
    9 10 The Black Shroud Central Shroud Bentbranch Meadows...
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