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Cape Westwind Guide/Strategy

General tips and strategy for the Cape Westwind trial in FFXIV

  1. Fuzz
    Cape Westwind
    Cape Westwind
    Western Thanaland (10,6)

    Location of Dungeon

    Party Size: 8
    Class: Disciples of War and Magic
    Time Limit: 90 minutes
    Level: 49

    This dungeon is required to advance in the story line. It is located just north of Vesper Bay in Western Thanalan (10,6).

    It has come to light that Rihtahtyn sas Arvina, praefectus castrorum of the XIVth Legion, is scheduled to inspect the imperial outpost at Cape Westwind. Although native to a territory subjugated by the Empire, Rhitahtyn's prowess as a field tactician has won him a station of great authority within the Garlean military. Such a formidable enemy general will surely prove an obstacle to the Alliance's efforts to purge the realm of the imperial menance. For the first phase of Operation: Archon, you have been entrusted the mission of infiltrating the imperial outpost and striking him down.

    Cape Westwind is a level 49 story quest trial fight. It is the first time you will be paired up in a 8 person party, which will be 2 healers, 2 tanks, and 4 DPS. Pair up with some friends or queue up in the Duty Finder. The waiting time can be up to an hour if you are a DPS - and since it is a story quest instance, it may take even longer as the game gets older, since more and more people will have already finished it and there is no real incentive to do it again.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Rihtahtyn sas Arvina
    Since this fight requires some strategy, you will have to coordinate or at least have the tanks announce who is responsible for getting the adds when they come out. The fight is pretty straight forward and if your party is well geared it is painless. The main things to look out for in this fight are:
    • Firebombs: Rhitahtyn will continually launch firebombs during the fight, so be on the look out for fire circles on the ground. Just don't stand in the bad stuff here and pay attention! No need to have your healers do extra work.

    • Adds: At around 60% health, Rhitahtyn calls for two guards to help. They will appear at the door the party used to enter, so the off-tank should be ready to round them up around 65% or so. Let the off tank gain enmity for about 5-10 seconds then ALL DPS should burn the adds. It would be wise to have the off-tank mark the adds as '1' and '2' to ensure all DPS is on the correct target.

    • Magitek Missile: Starting at around 25% Rhitahtyn will begin attack with missiles The entire party should prepare fo these as they can seriously deal out some damage. All non-tanks need to try to move out of the large circle indicating the blow of the missile Try to run to the opposite side of the room to ensure you don't get hit. The missiles won't wipe the party, but it can get every down to very low health.


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