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Elite Scholar's Guide >discontinued< Revision 3.5A

FFXIV Scholar Guide Elite

  1. Raymond E
    >>> Note: Guide Discontinued, I may move on to Astrologian <<
    >> Those than are unable to Download need to register with site <<

    Elite Healing Guide for Scholar’s and there Fairy Companions

    By: Razli Moira (Ultros)

    Downloaded Version has More, this is just a peak at whats inside.

    Some people where viewing the webpage guide rather than downloading, my apologies but this is not kept up to date, the downloaded guide is, so most of the webpage guide has been removed.
    Special Thanks to Elivercury for pointing this out.
    I just don't have the time, the copy paste doesn't work well with the webpage editor.

    ** I will not be discontinuing the Guide after all. Long story short, this is my play style, please forgive me**

    How to make your Scholars Heals, make the Average White mage look like a Pretender, and how to completely embarrass the Average Scholar. That said a Truly Elite white mage will have some tricks not in this guide, I have seen a few. Make them your friends, Cause a Whm and a Sch together pwn the world.

    I originally wrote this guide with the intent to help the more experienced scholars, due to seeing many of them fail miserably at higher levels. It has since then become a great guide for bringing new players rapidly up to good play tactics. As with everything this is only a guide, and should be treated as such, I hope you all develop your own play styles that work best for you. Happy Hunting.

    As a scholar all your extra Stat Points should go into MND, no Exceptions. Piety is a waste and INT can be made up for with Cleric Stance. No you cannot do the reverse because Cleric stance gives you a 20% reduction in ALL heals. That’s GameOver,Your dead.

    Piety only gives you 20 MP per point that means if you put all 30 points into piety it only gives you 600 MP at endgame, which is very little at that point. Especially for scholar who’s primary heal at lvl 50 costs 319 MP.

    Adloquium The Scholar’s First Heal
    The first heal you will get as Scholar is Adloquium, at lvl 30. This highly underestimated ability will restore slightly less hp than Physick or Cure 1 (Conj). However unlike the other healing spells at this point, it will also place an impenetrable Shield around the recipient of it for an amount of hp equal to or greater than (if critical healed) the amount of hp it heals for.

    Physick and Cure 1 are equivalent in all respects, it is important to note that the amount of hp healed by these 2 is only 100 potency more than Adloquium.

    The amount of mana required by Adloquium is however more than double that of Physick and Cure 1.
    The best methods for healing in tight situations is to First Cast Adloquium, and if the tank is not at full health after that, follow it up with a Physick. In my previous statements I had left it to the reader to realize this on their own. Alternating heals gives the best results.

    Macro’s The Scholars Backbone
    While most classes can get away without using macros, the Scholar is one of the few classes that cannot be played well enough to be even on par with others without a good set of macros to keep them going. That said however with the right macros a Scholar can have a very strong hold on the top of the best.

    Focus Target
    First thing you’re going to need to know however, if you don’t already. Is how to set your focus Target. This can be important in the multitasking of keeping an entire party alive. To do so select a target hold Shift and press F. This will bring up a new element to your screen, your Focus target. This will show your focus target at all times, Its health, status effects, and what actions if any they are taking. It is best used for your tank so when u need to heal other party members you can keep an eye and easily switch back to your tank. This is Done with the F10 key that targets your tank. Yes you may press your party Number Function key to the corresponding tank also however, that requires you to memorize more keys each battle, adjust the roster if necessary and will not work with the macros you will need to be making.

    Inside the Download Guide, you will Find

    The Basics,3

    Adloquium TheScholar’sFirstHeal3

    Succor, The Scholar’s Second Heal3

    Leeches TheScholar3rdspell4

    Sacred Soil TheScholars4thSpell4

    Lustrate, TheScholars5thSpell4

    Aetherflow,YourBestFriend. 5

    EnergyDrain. 5


    SwiftCast– EssentialCrossClass. 5

    Protect– EssentialCrossClass. 5

    ClericStance – EssentialCross Class. 6

    Stoneskin – Optional Cross Class. 6

    Macro’sTheScholarsBackbone. 7


    Taming the Fairy AfterPatch 2.1. 7

    SummonEos. 8

    Summon Selene. 8

    Behave macro. 8

    Macros. 9

    Adloquium (Improved)9

    Physick (Improved)9


    InstantResurrection. 10

    Lustrate onSteroids. 10

    Sustain (Improved)10

    Support DPS’ing as Scholar12

    Scholar’s Bane (multi Target)12

    Scholar’s Dot’s (Single Target)12

    Ruin Special13


    Some people where viewing the webpage guide rather than downloading, my apologies but this is not kept up to date, the downloaded guide is, so most of the webpage guide has been removed.
    Special Thanks to Elivercury for pointing this out.

Recent Reviews

  1. Valp
    Version: Revision 3.5A
    seems like it could be a good source if I could only DL it... keeps saying that I'm not authroized
  2. ryuvann
    Version: Revision 3.5A
    Every page says not found and when you click download even when logged in it says you are not authorized.
  3. Snicklebits
    Version: Revision 3.5A
    Has good info, I think the most handy macro is combining the embrace with your different cures. But some of the macro's just confused me. Some of them waste an aoe heal, or use the fairy's buffs when you could of not needed it at all during that moment. For serious fights all those should be managed manually. I guess you could have the cures and the macro's and use them seperately though.

    Also for the dps ones you should probably remove the very last part where it removes cleric stance, cause in most cases you'll jump into ruin spam after the dot combo is finished.

    Aside from that I was very helpful thank you!
  4. Azarynn
    Version: Revision 3.5A
    Thank you so much for this guide, it is really helping me out a ton. Its helped me grow a bit more confident in taking on the healer role. :D
  5. vedacool
    Version: Revision 3.5A
    well it is a great macro compile within the pdf... i used your macro as my guide to create my own macro.... i change abit some of your macro which is i think suitable for my playstyle... but your macro give me some sort of start up... so it is really helpful... thanks...
  6. Tanmx
    Version: Revision 3.5A
  7. DijiGo
    Version: Revision 3.5A
    Began playing just a few weeks ago, now experimenting with the healing classes, and finding this guide has been a godsend.
    Thank you!
  8. ekibyo
    Version: Revision 3.5A
  9. The Mojo
    The Mojo
    Version: Revision 3.5A
    I think this guide is great but i did have one question which is what is your take on you healing a party member and eos healing the focus target? Such as a physick macro where you physick the OT and eos heals the MT (Focus target)?
  10. Toukie
    Version: Revision 3.5A
    Awesome guide! It's helping me a lot! One question though, I'm having a problem with the Macros. If I'm targeting a mob and want to heal my tank (focused) the game automatically bounces the spell back at me while my pet heals who it's supposed to. If I'm targeting another player or no one at all, the macro works as expected. It's only when I'm targeting a mob that this happens. How do I fix this?