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Elite Scholar's Guide >discontinued< Revision 3.5A

FFXIV Scholar Guide Elite

  1. Decided I will Maintain the Guide, No changes in the Guide itself.

    Raymond E
    No real changes here, just removed the line about my discontinuing the guide, as i intend to continue it..

    Updates will come when I have something worth posting.
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  2. Macro Improvments, Final Version

    Raymond E
    This will be my Last update to the Guide. I will be pursuing other Methods geared toward my play style that will not be easily used by others. Good luck and Happy Hunting.
  3. DPS Macro Fix

    Raymond E
    the DPS macros had to short of a delay before Miasma II resulting in it not going off, fixed this and updated casting times. Feel free to attempt to fine tune this time if you wish. Im running a bit short on game time lately with school stuff getting in the way. IF im able to find a faster way to do this later i will post an update.
  4. NEW! DPS as Scholar!, Improved&New Macros! minor errors fixed.

    Raymond E
    Revised with patch 2.2 in mind, plus added macros to make dps'ing in-between healing the party fast and easy.

    Some improvements to the healing macros

    and some minor changes were made in patch 2.2 this has them updated.

    some minor errors were made in the previous version and have been corrected.
  5. Revision 2.1, Updated & Improved Macros. Stoneskin Covered ! !!Error Free Version!!

    Raymond E
    Revision 2.1
    Grammer and Spelling errors corrected. Macro error in Instant resurrection found and corrected. Was preventing whispering wind from working, fixed now. Additional macro added.

  6. Revision 2, Updated & Improved Macros. Stoneskin Covered !

    Raymond E
    Improved and updated macros for pushing the edge of eliteness a little more. Stoneskin Spell Covered in detail. when and when not to use it. How it compares to the mini-Stoneskin effect give by Adloquium !
  7. Macro Correction

    Raymond E
    Error found in Succor Macro, The updated Guide has the correction.