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FFXIV Crafting Guide

General information and leveling tips for Crafting in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn

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    Just like any other class, you have to start from level 1 with any of the crafting (DoH) classes, and just like your main class - you have to visit your guildmaster every 5 levels to learn new abilities and advance your crafting story line. At the end of the story quest chain you will receive a nice level item level 55 tool. The crafting classes in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn are:
    • Alchemy (ALC)
    • Armorer (ARM)
    • Blacksmith (BSM)
    • Carpenter (CRP)
    • Culinarian (CUL)
    • Goldsmith (GSM)
    • Leatherworker (LTW)
    • Weaving (WVR)
    [​IMG] Crafting in general requires a lot of raw material (mats) to create items. The mats usually consist of several elemental shards or crystals (fire, ice, wind, earth, lightning, and water) and a gathering item (such as ore or lumber). For instance, Armorers require A LOT of Ice Shards and ore, so be sure to stock up on those. I would recommend leveling a Botanist (BTN) to level 20 to learn "Menphina's Ward" and use it on nodes that allow an additional attempt, which should yield 15 shards. Farming shards is pretty annoying, but will save you a lot of gil in the long run. I usually farm and do other gathering while I'm watching TV, which helps.

    There are a general set of actions that crafters use to help complete their recipes. All crafters have a basic 'Synthesis' to help advance the progress of the recipe, in addition, most have the ability to increase the chances of creating a high quality (HQ) item. Depending on the difficulty of the recipe, there are a number of actions that help reduce the chance of error or to increase the durability of the item.

    Crafters focus on a few key attributes in their gear to help finish tough recipes or create high-quality items.
    • Control - Affects the amount of quality improved from a single synthesis step.
    • Craftmanship - Affects the amount of progress achieved from a single synthesis step.
    • CP - Crafting Points
    Control and Craftsmanship stats are usually found in main crafter's gear, such as the helmet, chest, legs, feet... While additional CP stats are found in the accessory slots like necklaces, rings, and wrist. Having a well balanced gear set will definitely help you level faster and finish more difficult recipes for levequests. Having a high amount of control will ensure you can get higher quality items for additional experience point bonuses, as well.

    Crafters can also slot Materia into their gear for additional stat bonuses. The main crafting materia are:
    • Craftsman's Command Materia - Increases Control
    • Craftsman's Competence Materia - Increases Craftmanship
    • Craftsman's Cunning - Increases CP

    Below are some class specific guides on additional tips and Tradecraft levequest locations.

    Crafting Class Guides


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