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Starlight Festival

How to complete the FATE and gain the seasonal event items.

  1. Andromeda
    On December 18th, the Starlight Festival began for FFXIV. Unlike the previous Halloween event which was more quest focused, this is a FATE focused event, much like the Summer event. The FATE mechanics actually are not as straightforward as some would think. So this guide here is to help you understand what you need to do to complete the FATE.

    FFXIVStarlight01.jpg There are many of the Starlight FATEs placed around the game world nearby the main three cities. I'm still collecting information for the other cities, but here are the locations of the FATEs I've found so far in Thanalan. A lv 5 FATE in Central Thanalan and a lv 15 FATE in Eastern Thanalan. If you have any more information on locations for the FATEs in the other regions please let me know so I can update the guide.
    Once a FATE has popped and you've arrive at the location. You will see a large Snowman protect by a Treant that looks like someone mistook it for a Christmas tree and attacking Igniter Imps. Completing the FATE is simple, X amount of Imps must be killed before the Snowman dies.

    FFXIVStarlight05.jpg FFXIVStarlight07.jpg If you watch closely the Treant is actually protecting the Snowman from the attacking Imps. When the Treant makes an attack is drops an AoE on a random attacking Imp. The damage from the AoE will hit friend and foe alike, but the damage is small.

    The AoE attack is the important mechanic for the FATE. You want to be hit by this AoE. When you start out the FATE and attack the Imps you'll notice you can't do any damage to them. They are actually immune to all attacks. However, when you get hit by the AoE from the Treant you gain a special effect.

    FFXIVStarlight04.png The Snowman special effect is a temperary buff that will be reapplied to you every time you are hit by the AoE. The amount of time is roughly 45 seconds, which is enough to miss one AoE, but not two. You want to be sure you run into another AoE by the second time you see another AoE pop.

    You can get a little advance warning on where the Treant will place the AoE by watching it change direction. Before it starts casting it will turn to face the direction it will place it down on. This can give you a little more time to start moving for the AoE.

    Once you have the buff, the Imps will now take damage. Kill as many as you can until the FATE is completed. A Gold rank will earn you 30 Eternal Ice. The event item needed for buying your event gear or food.

    FFXIVStarlight11.png Once you've finished a FATE you can return to any of the cities to talk to the Starlight Supplier for your event items.

    It will take 3 Gold rank FATEs to buy all of the event items. When you buy any of the Snowman gear you will earn the Starlight achievement. Below are the NPCs you'll see in the towns. The Starlight Celebrant will just answer questions about the event and give you a general sense of where to find the FATEs, but not give you exact instructions. Neither needs to be talked to start doing the FATEs.

    The NPC locations can be found on the maps below. Also attached is all of the wearable items you can buy in the Starlight event. There are three different sets for the player, a Snowman, Santa and Reindeer outfit along with a Christmas themed barding for your chocobo.
    Item Price
    1 Snowman Head 10
    2 Snowman Suit 15
    3 Snowman Mitts 5
    4 Starlight Barding 10
    5 Dream Hat 6
    6 Dream Tunic 6
    7 Dream Boots 6
    8 Reindeer Antler 6
    9 Reindeer Suit 6
    10 Snowflake Peak 1
    11 Princess Pudding 1
    12 Ore Fruitcake 1
    13 Starlight Log 1
    14 Roast Dodo 1


    1. FFXIVStarlight09.jpg
    2. FFXIVStarlight10.png
    3. FFXIVStarlight12.png
    4. FFXIVStarlight13.png
    5. FFXIVStarlight14.png
    6. FFXIVStarlight15.png