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Fat Chocobo Mount Included In PS4 Collector's Edition

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XIV News' started by Fuzz, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. Fuzz

    Fuzz Eye in the Sky Jaime Lannister (Ultros) Staff Member

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    Looks like fans can look forward to jumping on a FAT Chocobo when the game launches for the PS4 April 14, 2014. Doesn't sound like a quick way to get around Eorzea does it? No worries! Your character will swing some tasty gysahl greens in front of the bird to get him moving!

    The Fat Chocobo, as well as a Coeurl mount and Baby Behemoth Minion, are included in the Collector's Edition for the Playstation 4. Anyone who already owns the Collector's Edition for either Playstation 3 or the PC will be receiving the mount upon the PS4 launch date.

    Source: Siliconera.

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  2. Al Parker

    Al Parker Squire

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    Not exactly the "awesome" mount you might expect from a collector's edition, but fun non-the-less :)


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