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Hot Fix 2.05 Now Live!

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XIV News' started by Fuzz, Oct 16, 2013.

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    Square Enix just finished performing their 'Hot fix' that required taking down the servers from about 8:00PM to 2:00AM (PST). The Hot fix addressed various things, including:
    • Changes will be made to the way equipment is bound.
    • Introducing additional servers and enhancements to act as a countermeasure against the congestion to enter "Amdapor Keep."
    • The difficulty for level 50 dungeons will be adjusted.
    • The number of areas where you can acquire Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy and Mythology will be increased as well as the amount you can acquire.
    • Adjustments to the spawn rate of monsters that drop diremite web and additional locations where Karakul can be found.
    • The amount of experience points that can be acquired on botanist and miner, as well the experience points that can be acquired from their fieldcraft leves, will be increased.
    • User interface elements related to materia and target information will be adjusted.

    In addition to the above adjustments many small bugs were fixed, as well.

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