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Live Letter from Osaka Summary

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XIV News' started by Andromeda, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Andromeda

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    The Letter from the Producer LIVE in Osaka ran earlier today. Thanks to the translating skills of Reinhart, we have a translation of the event. I will summarize everything that they went over in the event. There were a lot of things that came out of it, so the list is going to be long. There is still time before the Q&A on the forum comes out, so some of the answers are vague from them. There wasn't a lot of very specific, how is something going to be addressed, just that it will be addressed in some unknown fashion.

    Starting the event they said that there are going to be adjustments made to dungeons that were harder than expected for the gear rewards, given comments later in the video, this is likely meaning Siren and Pharos Sirius. So there may be a gear increase on the rewards.

    The low number of tanks in game is something that they are still monitoring. They did say that they have noticed a lot of people leveling tanks now, but that they aren't to 50 yet. There is a good amount in the 40s.

    Patch 2.2 will have a new item level, but nothing further on the actual number.

    Small housing will be increased, they will have a basement added, doubling their sides. They also assured that regardless of the house size, every houses will be able to make airships, when the feature is available.

    Due to the beta for PS4, there is going to be a Patch 2.16 release before Patch 2.2.

    Patch 2.16 will include, a new summoning bell in Revenant's Toll, New Market Board features to all for wish list items, new random summon mount or minion feature, Chimera and Hydra battles will be added to DF, New Timers for maps, character stats will affect success rate of quick synthesis, can preview the gear before applying dye, notification of new parties created on the PF, mog letter history, more achievement rewards, focus target reselect will be fixed for things like Titan and other battles where it is reset when bosses disappear and reappear, mark ground targets features (sounds like for placing marks on the ground telling people to stand at "X" locations, more icons for macros, a new command to make character look at the camera to help for screenshots, potential targets will have glowing outline when hover cursor over them, characters gear will visually be affected by weather now (like with rain soaking the cloths).

    Patch 2.16 is going to be out on February 22 for the beta.
    Patch 2.2 is set for March, but no date yet.

    The rest is 2.2 content.

    Leviathan will have a Hard and Extreme mode version. It will drop powerful weapons and the hard mode will be in the story. They are estimating there will be 2-3 attempts needed before it'll be cleared, just to understand all of the mechanics. There will be no egi Leviathan, yet. The egi's will come in the expansion, as they said adding an egi would mean all jobs would need to have an action skill added to them, which would happen with a level cap increase. The level cap increase will be in the expansion.

    The Ruins of Amdapor is now being called The Amdapor Township, which is accessed through an area west of Camp Tranquil.

    There will be new tomestones, gear and Leviathan barding.

    The Binding Coil of Bahamut will have 4 new turns, but it will be a new entrance. Based on the images shown, it looks to be a North Shroud entrance, as I've seen structures in the distance in the south area of North Shroud that match it's location. They did confirm that there will be no turn 3 like turn in this and that turn 5 will be a requirement for gaining access to the new turns. The week lockout will be lifted on turns 1-5. It will be added to the DF and they want you to be able to enter into any of the 5 turns. Also there is going to be some player buff changed on a weekly basis that affects this, no further details.

    There will be an extreme mode for Thornmarch, Brayflox Longstop and Halatali will be the new hard mode dungeons.

    The new dailies will be for the Kobold and Sahagin. There will be new Hildibrand questions and the vanity system now called Glamours, or Mirage Prism in Japanese. There will be new advanced recipes, new fishing challenges, new hairstyles all added for 2.2.

    There will be a PS4 collector's edition with new items for it, a Moogle minion and a Fat Chocobo mount. The players that already have one of the other collector's editions PS3 or PC will automatically be given these new items when the PS4 version is launched on April 14th. So there is no need to buy it again.

    The Lightning Returns event will return on February 4th and last until February 17th.

    The Valentines event will start at the same time and run the same length.

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  2. Fuzz

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    Awesome stuff ahead! Thanks for posting Andro!

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