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Patch 2.15 Patch Notes

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XIV News' started by Andromeda, Jan 21, 2014.

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    While 2.15 is a smaller patch than the previous 2.1, there is a lengthy number of fixes, changes or additions made as a result. A quick summary of the highlights include, a new rare drop for CT to create a furniture is placed in the dungeon, the last man in the party forced loot was fixed for CT, the vote kick is disabled during loot roles to prevent abuse, guildhest level syncs have been lowered to increase difficulty, beastman quests have numerous updates to improve their player experience, it's possible to vote to abandon a DF without penalty, aetheryte can now be placed in FC housing for teleporting and various PvP changes.

    Below is a comprehensive list.

    Source: FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone | Patch 2.15 Notes (01/20/2014)

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