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Disciples of the Land

Nov 30, 2013
Disciples of the Land
  • Disciples of the Land (Gathering)

    These harvesters of nature's bounty utilize an array of tools in their work with all forms of plants and minerals. Their trade encompasses knowledge of all of Hydaelyn's natural resources, be it in a cultivated garden or the great outdoors. As a cornerstone of Eorzea's economy, their impact on her inhabitants can hardly be overstated.

    • Botanist (BTN)
    • Fisher (FSH)
    • Miner (MIN)

    [​IMG]There are a general set of actions that gatherers use to help obtain their resources. All gatherers have a basic 'Gather' ability that has a success rate based on the 'Gathering' value the player has. in addition, gatherers have an ability to increase the chances of finding high quality (HQ) items, which is based on the level of 'Perception' the player has.

    Resources are obtained from nodes scattered across Eorzea and new nodes become available every five levels. Some nodes have special characteristics allowing the player to have an additional attempt or even a higher chance to obtain HQ items from the node.

    Gatherers focus on a few key attributes in their gear to help obtain resources or find high-quality items.

    • Gathering- Affects the success rate of obtaining an item.
    • Perception - Affects the chance on obtaining HQ items while gathering.
    • GP - Crafting Points

    Gathering and Perception stats are usually found in main gatherer's gear, such as the helmet, chest, legs, feet... While additional GP stats are found in the accessory slots like necklaces, rings, and wrist. Having a well balanced gear set will definitely help you level faster and finish more difficult Levequests.

    Crafters can also slot Materia into their gear for additional stat bonuses. The main crafting materia are:
    • Gatherer's Guerdon Materia - Increases Gathering
    • Gatherer's Guile Materia - Increases Perception
    • Gatherer's Grasp Materia - Increases GP
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