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Gridania Storyline

Nov 25, 2013
Gridania Storyline
  • Upon approaching Gridania, the player begins hearing a quiet voice. Before being in a position to discover where it is coming from, the skies turn black and a meteor shower starts, Moments after, a greatly damaged airship flies, and a tiny yellowish light is "shot" from information technology, dropping in the woodland.

    Walking in that direction, the player finds Papalymo and Yda laying on the ground, and awakens them, just to observe they're surrounded by wolves. The struggle against them stops quickly, but a treant emerges from the assaults and ground every person, forcing the player to operate until a team of Moogles, delivered by E-Sumi-Yan, calms the treant and saves them.

    Welcomed into city, the player learns about the Greenwrath - hatred of the woodland upon those whom may cause damage to information technology - and that he (being an outsider) is complete of woodsin, which requires to be cleared if he/she intends to remain safe on the Ebony Shroud. Miounne recommends that the player visits a number of the town's guilds, each one who will offer their own assistance to the cleansing ritual.

    In the Botanists' Guild at Greatloam Growery, a few of the town's youthful kids begins teaching steps of the ritual dances that must be done during a great Gridanian festival to free yourself of the woodsin. After the "class", some of them asks and remain assistance to achieve a destination deep inside the forests.

    Upon showing up at Lifemend Stump with Powle and Sansa, they immediately operate down to see to whatever it's they arrived to do. Then, a mystical conjurer seems, whom admonishes the player for coming here and bringing the children, vanishing quickly after. Lastly, the player fulfills a moogle, who gets amazed that he is being comprehended and asks the player to provide a message to a youthful woman known as Fye regarding a purification mask that's not broken, and therefore cannot be fixed.

    Right back in the adventurer's guild, Miounne remarks about the current influx of adventurers in Gridania. Quickly after, the self proclaimed "saviors of the wood", Yda and Papalymo, comes and the ask if any of those adventurers may be planning to strike the Garlean Empire, to Miounne's shock, whom later on denies it. Papalymo then mentions that if that's true, the information and knowledge they've - that Gridania is planning to wage war on the Empire - is false.

    The discussion is stopped whenever a child Khrimm comes in and begins badmouthing the adventurers, saying that they've perhaps not been selected by the elementals at all, making quickly after. The duo goes after him.

    The player then visits the Carpenter's Guild, to the crafting of the masks that must be utilized during the purification rites. Recalling about the message to Fye, the player queries for the woman and finds her talking to Khrimm and overhear talk of Fye's earliest cousin Dunstan and his tragic fate of being turned into a wildling. Fye claims that she is making a brand new mask for her sibling, refusing to offer up hope of cleaning him of his woodsin.

    After this, the player informs Fye the mask is maybe not broken, and she is surprised by it, having thought it to be the single explanation her cousin and Khrimm's moms and dads had been turned into wildlings. Then, she asks the player to attempt conference using the moogles once again and ask if there's any method to conserve a wildling. Upon finding a moogle, he agrees to ask the elementals by themselves if a wildling heart can be conserved.

    The player visits the archer's guild, nevertheless, the Quiver's Hold is tossed into chaos as news shows up of some occurring in the woodland. Archers rise forth from the Hold, and Brother O-App-Pesi of the conjurers himself heads in the direction of the disruption as well.

    Here, they find Khrimm, standing before a tree in flames. Because of the, a furious elemental comes forth and there isn't any method to quell its greenwrath other than fighting and beating it.
    Miounne notifies via linkpearl that information technology appears that out of fear that Khrimm will be a wildling, he features been taken into the Stillglade Fane. While Brother O-App-Pesi is chatting about the boy's Yda, condition and Papalymo return from the lumber together using the wildling Dunstan. Because of that, Brother E-Sumi-Yan requests a grand rite of purification, but he fears that saving Khrimm may need Dunstan to offer his life.

    Lastly, the grand rite starts, and a team of moogles arrive. They show up bearing a message to the player from the elementals, informing that his/her part in being beckoned to the lumber is to be a messenger of the goddess Nophica by herself, the Matron. The ritual goes on as regular, plus in the end Dunstan collapses. This causes the Echo to reverberate, and the sky as soon as once more turn totally black colored - this everyone, time views information technology. During that occasion, Papalymo reviews with Yda that they "should've stopped it, and today it's too late".
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