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Nov 27, 2013
  • Accepting Guildleves
    [​IMG] Speaking with a local distributor of guildlves, known as a levemate, will bring up a list of available levequests. Highlight a quest to display its objectives, and select 'Accept' to add the quest to your journal.

    Leve allowances are required to accept levequests. you will be granted three leve allowances every 12 hours, up to a maximum of 100. You can accept up to 16 levequests at a time.

    Initiating Levequests
    To initiate a levequest, first open your journal via the main menu (or by pressing 'j' on your keyboard). Next, select the levequest to bring up a detailed description of its objectives and its rewards.

    Clicking on the Map button (or by pressing 'm' on your keyboard) will show the approximate location or the levequest's objectives. Though you can initiate a levequest at any time while in the corresponding area, it is recommend that you wait until you are close to the objectives before doing so. This will increase your chances of becoming eligible for completion bonuses.

    Once you have arrived, open the journal, select the levequests, and click on the 'Initiate' button to begin your duty!

    Levequest Difficulty
    [​IMG] When you initiate a levequest, you will be given the opportunity to adjust its difficulty. The greater the difficulty setting, the higher the level target enemies will be. Difficulty also affects completion rewards.

    Levequest difficulty can be lowered at any time during the course of the duty by selecting the quest name in the 'duty list' and selecting 'Difficulty'. Please note that levequest difficulty cannot be raised once the duty has been initiated.

    Levequest Duty
    Once you have initiated a levequest, the location of your quest objectives will be displayed on the 'minimap'. Levequest targets can also be identified by the distinguishing icon displayed above their names.

    During the levequest, the 'duty list' is replaced with information regarding quest objectives, leve difficulty, time remaining, and more. Rewards are only granted to those who complete all the objectives listed within the alloted time.

    Collecting Levequest Rewards
    When all levequest objectives have been completed, you will be given the option to return immediately to the issuing levemete and collect your reward, though rewards can be collected at any time from any levemete in Eorzea.

    Rechallenging Levequests
    If you fail to complete the levequest objectives within the allotted time, you can always rechallenge the quest by selecting it in your 'journal' and pressing the 'Retry' button. Rechallenging a levequest will cost you one 'leve allowance'

    Collecting Bounties
    You have discovered a wanted target. While not necessary to complete the leve objectives, defeating the enemy will earn you a portion of the bounty placed on its head. Take care, however, for these targets are usually quite powerful.

    Tradecraft Leves
    Tradecraft Leves (guildleves for Disciples of the Hand) are governed by a different set of rules than their 'battlecraft' counterparts. For example, Tradecraft Leves have no time limit, and are considered complete when the items requested have been delivered to the client. Information on leve objectives as well as client location can be viewed in the active 'duty list'.

    Completing Tradecraft Leves
    After creating all the requested items, speak with the client to bring up the trade window. Drag the items from your inventory into the trade window and click 'Hand Oover' to complete the transaction. Submitting HQ items will earn you greater rewards.

    Fieldcraft Leves
    [​IMG] Fieldcraft Leves (guildleves for Disciples of the Land) follow the same set of rules as their 'battlecraft' counterparts. There are, however, two main differences. you cannot begin a fieldcraft levequest unless you have changed to the corresponding class, and you must perform these tasks solo.

    Leves for 'Fishers', on the other hand, follow the same set of rules as Tradecraft Leves, in that you will be required to deliver your catch to the client in person. Just as with leves for Disciples of the Hand, higher-quality (HQ) fish will earn you better rewards.

    Completing Fieldcraft Leves
    Once a leve has been initiated, its objectives will appear in the 'duty list'. Fieldcraft leve objectives range from visiting specified Locations to gathering the specified number of items, all within the allotted time liit.

    Levequest targets are indicated with a 'leveplate icon' displayed above their 'display names'. The general location of targets is also marked on your 'minimap'.
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