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Limsa Lominsa Storyline

Nov 25, 2013
Limsa Lominsa Storyline
  • Upon discovering the ship, the boat is suddenly attacked by a group of sea-creatures. With the aid of Y'shtola and Sthalmann, the animals are defeated, nevertheless a huge sea serpent problems and almost kills the ship.

    There, they discover some-thing examine the positioning and is wrong, obtaining a few dead bodies and two suspicious characters speaking. Both of these are Travanchet and Emerick, speaking about a contract Emerick desires to make with all the current Sahagin. Both pretend to be natural pullers and leave, when found by the player, nevertheless. Back to town, the participant discovers that the Sahagin have now been generally fighting currently, with the targets being the lighthouse and a fleet of the Knights of the Barracuda.

    On a later target, Baderon speaks several strange island named Seal Rock, whose legend is popular between the folks of Limsa Lominsa. Conversing with several the Drowning Wench's people, the player meets Y'shtola again, who reveals that she's trying to find a man accused of supporting the Sahagin.

    Out of prospects, Baderon tells the individual the little Lalafell Sisipu really wants to talk with him. She reveals the place of the secret fishing hole, and requires to meet there. Upon arriving, the player sees 1st Squadron Commodore Sthalmann and after a long discussion, learns though he's uncertain regarding the details.

    Y'shtola quickly appears and stalls the pirates prior to the Barracuda Knights look.

    After these events, the participant learns that Emerick has been held prisoner on a single of the Knights of Barracuda galleons, and should infiltrate the ship. Coming in the galleon's lower deck, the basketball participant sees Merodaulyn and Emerick of the Sanguine Sirens willing to battle. The gamer may choose which one to assist, but finds this fight was just a diversion prepared from the two. Before being capable to obtain any data, the ship is swallowed by a massive wave created by the same Sea Serpent that has been noticed earlier.

    Learning about another strike, the player goes to the Gods's Grip to investigate, only to find Y'shtola engaged in combat and Commodore Sthalmann. Suddenly, the player is blinded with a brilliant light, simply to end up alone after their view returns.

    Searching around, the player witnesses Sthalmann, Merodaulyn, and Emerick holding a dialogue, and finds the group is likely to declare the treasure of Seal Rock due to their own gain. Y'shtola again appears before the player, who claims they've the energy to find out the occurrences of days gone by. A meteor shower erupts from following, raining light down upon the player and the others.

    As quickly because it ends, an odd man appears and fights against Y'shtola, stealing the key before time for the shadows. The player loses identification quickly after.
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