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Ul'dah Storyline

Nov 25, 2013
Ul'dah Storyline
  • The player wakes up hearing a soft singing voice, and notices that their carriage had just arrived around town of Ul'dah. Entering the city's gates, the player is met by a calming voice that tells them to 'Hear. Feel. Think.'

    In the Arrzaneth Ossuary, Thancred views a strange light from the crypts, and rushes there to discover a mortally wounded Niellefresne putting on the ground, and Ascilia crouched by his side, shaking in terror. Abruptly, the Echo begins to reverberate, and the player is alone.

    Back to the present, Thancred realizes what just happened and rushes outside, right in time for you to see because the skies turn black and meteors water above Ul'dah. In this moment, he realizes the risk spoken of by all threatens not only Ul'dah, but all of Eorzea, while the player then blacks out.

    The person, followed closely by the Miqo'te F'lhaminn, reaches Camp Black Brush where they find a wounded woman named Ascilia. Thancred appears and says he was looking for an enemy of her father, the one who led Ascilia for the camp. Corguevais methods and attempts to support her, but she retaliates and accuses him of letting the Goobbue to escape around, gravely injuring her father.

    Back into town, the player trips the Alchemist's guild where Ascilia's father, Warburton, had been treated before dying. Corguevais speaks with the girl once more, and she says that her father found Ul'dah to warn everybody of a terrible danger.

    Momodi informs the player a band of the city guard has hastily left the city by chocobo. At the Chocobo Stables, the ball player finds F'lhaminn hurridly looking for a chocobo, as it seems that Corguevais is exiled from town and left with Ascilia, probably preparing to take her back again to Ala Mhigo.

    Via linkpearl, Momodi informs the person that the town guard is trying to find an exile wandering near Camp Black Brush. There, the player sees Thancred and Greinfarr speaking, however the bard claims never to know-nothing in regards to the alleged danger threatening Ul'dah.

    The player tries to calm every one down with little success, until the twin Lalafell brothers Popokkuli and Seserukka enter the guild and kick the troublemakers out.

    Linette, a representative of the mining guild, mentions that their main concern currently has been illegal miners invoking injuries. She asks the player to attend Camp Black Brush and tell them of the guild's intention to reinforce their punitive measures.

    Momodi then remembers that Thancred was summoned to discuss the notion that Garlean agents could have infiltrated the town.

    The player makes their way towards The Quicksand, the Adventurer's Guild of Ul'dah, and speaks to its operator Momodi. She begins to talk about some ways to earn money around the town, until Thancred walks in and interrupts the conversation. He says discussions of war against the Empire, which Momodi confirms along with some rumors that the earlier Goobbue incident was brought on by imperial interference.

    The player awakens back at the Adventurer's Guild, and Momodi reveals that they were found unconscious and brought there by a person called Minfilia, who asks to become visited at The Waking Sands, in the Merchant's Ward of Ul'dah.
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