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Fieldcraft Leves

Nov 30, 2013
Fieldcraft Leves
  • Fieldcraft Leves
    [​IMG]Fieldcraft leves (guildleves for Disciples of the Land) are governed by a different set of rules than their 'tradecraft' counterparts. There usually is a required number of minerals you will need to obtain in a certain amount of time. You will also be evaluated on your performance, meaning, you will get a higher score if you gather high-quality items during the leve. Information on leve objectives as well as the gathering location can be viewed in the active 'duty list'.

    Completing Fieldcraft Leves
    After gaterhing all the required items, speak with the levemete to collect your reward. The higher your evaluation - the better the reward.

    Fieldcraft Levequest Types
    • Piety - These leves require you to deplete a certain number of nodes, each of which have two items unique to the leve. Depending on your evaluated rating you may be awarded bonus points.
    • Munificence - These leves require you to gather a set amount of material. The leve ends once the quota is met.
    • Candor - These leves are a mix between Piety and Munificence leves. There is a limited number of gathering points to reach the requested quota, and once all of them are depleted it ends the leve.
    • Benevolence - The leves requires you to gather as much material as possible before all nodes are depleted.

    Below are some class specific guides on additional tips and Fieldcraft levequest Locations.

    Gathering Class Guides
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