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Tradecraft Leves

Nov 28, 2013
Tradecraft Leves
  • Tradecraft Leves
    Tradecraft leves (guildleves for Disciples of the Hand) are governed by a different set of rules than their 'battlecraft' counterparts. For example, tradecraft leves have no time limit, and are considered complete when the items requested have been delivered to the client. Information on leve objectives as well as client location can be viewed in the active 'duty list'.

    Completing Tradecraft Leves
    [​IMG] After creating all the requested items, speak with the client to bring up the trade window. Drag the items from your inventory into the trade window and click 'Hand Oover' to complete the transaction. Submitting HQ items will earn you greater rewards.

    Tradecraft Levequest Types
    • Constancy - Leves that involve crafting an item and then delivering it to the same location you picked up the quest.
    • Ingenuity - Leves that involve crafting an item and then delivering it to a different location than where you picked up the quest.
    • Charity - Leves that allow you to turn in additional items (up to three times) to receive bonus experience points.

    Below are some class specific guides on additional tips and Tradecraft levequest Locations.

    Crafting Class Guides
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